The Children’s Crusade – March 3

In Parkland… the dead did not lie down,

Did not let the bullet holes

Be cauterized by denial

Or the passage of time,

This time the wound stays open

Lit by troubled light, 

The moment grips – raw, unprocessed

Held in place by children’s outrage… 

Forfeiting their youth to become

Flash-points for change,

Demanding courage…demanding action,

Stepping into the hail of media gunfire

To speak their truth

Now each child

A messenger,

Their open heart transforms, unites

Summons us to our own human voice…

Calling out

Through the barbed wire mesh

Of politics & money & fear

To tell the stories

Of Sandy Hook & Parkland 

Over and over again,

Until the pain evolves

Into the imprint

Of love’s fierce grace…

…and we rise up as a people

to break the spell of the gun…

©2024 Trakker