Can’t Breathe

Can't Breathe

A moment, a movement awakening... A song of tribute to George Floyd and others who have fallen.

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A black man killed
His pain runs dark and deep
Millions of people, rise up…take to the streets
Outrage, tears, call for respect
First things first
Get the knee off our neck

Can’t breathe

Down so long, so wrong
Enough is enough
They listen to their merchants of fear
but do not hear us
Brothers, sisters, rise and resist
America the beautiful
you’re better than this

Can’t breathe

Tear gas, handcuffs
The march goes on
Night of the soul
Still looking for dawn
A moment, a movement, awakening
Tear down the old walls
Let the light in…

(Musical break)

Storm is coming
Change is in the wind
Open up your hearts, hear the caged bird sing
Black, brown, white – one human race
Equal, free, walk together in grace

Let us breathe
Let us believe

©2024 Trakker