Every soul a Story. Every room a Song. Every fall a Wake-Up Call.

Trakker (next layer) – The Rabbit Whole, Jan 31

Ask Alice, she’ll tell you…the White Rabbit moves in mysterious ways – comes when least expected, takes sharp turns, leads you into realms outside your own boundaries. Last night, he came calling. Dream? Reality? I may never know. All I remember was standing in the hallway in front of an old disabled elevator I had […]

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A Dream For 2018 – Jan 1

It is a time of fever pitch, A time when the very stitch-work appears unraveling And signs of the Catastrophic are etched Upon the face of the deep, I would build an Ark within my heart Big enough to house the dream of life, Strong enough to chart the seas of consciousness Until our moment […]

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Keeping the Channel Open – Dec. 14

It’s a pre-Christmas day – cold, mottled sunlight, a few snow flurries. I’m with my guitar, looking out the window…a new song beginning to surface. The melody is haunting and comes quickly. The lyrics start, stop, start… stop – ensnarled in a mesh of critical thoughts, judgements and disappointments. The song slips back into the […]

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Thanksgiving – Nov. 23

Thanksgiving Day…we gather around a small table at the back of the kitchen. The cast of characters includes Sammy (of Mountains & Lullabies), The Ballerina in Room 1211, Night Manager Stanley Cooper and the others who had found their way onto the pages of my diary. There is an empty chair beside me, should you […]

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If Ashes Could Talk – Oct 8

Half asleep, in the dead of night…I’m suddenly aware that someone is in my room. A moment later, fingers tap my shoulder…and my eyes fly open. Stanley Cooper, the Night Manager, is standing by my bed looking down at me, eyes full of gleam. “Let’s go cowboy…got a little job for you.” I was about to […]

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The Ballerina in Rm 1211 – Sept 21

It’s been said…on the journey from stranger to friend to lover, trust is always the gatekeeper. So it was with us. The first encounter was challenged; the front door didn’t open easily…or very wide. And you took your time… frisking me with your eyes, then your heart…before you smiled and let me in. Once inside, […]

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Mountains & Lullabies – October 4, Lounge, Rm 788

It all started with a note on the Hotel Bulletin Board:   “Child missing – female, 15 year-old, brown hair, 10 digit number tattooed on inside of left arm. Any information, please contact Joan Parnelli, Rm 788.”  I read it again. Below these words I could feel the storyline pulling at me – bittersweet and strangely […]

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Two Flights Up – Sept 26, late night, near the roof

I’m out on the fire-escape with my guitar; back against the wall, night spread out against the sky…the silent roar of eternity all around. Tonight, the moon is huge and luminous, full of poetry. But the day has been difficult and followed me up the stairs. I feel complicated and distant…not the right space to […]

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