Limo – Aug 18


Beneath the stained wood and polished glass, there is a current of magic that runs through the Hotel. Tonight I find myself in an elevator rising up beyond the rooftop…up to a landing strip overlooking the cityscape…a place where rumors collect and imagination runs like watercolors. Out along the runways, beneath a panoply of stars, an intergalactic party rolls on. Somewhere a band is playing, music spreading out across the Milky Way like starlight.

I watch in amazement…but something nameless is calling me away. Before I can react, a sleek Black Limo pulls up beside me, stops…motor running. The Chauffeur stares out through tinted glass. I stare back. We’re a mirror image of each other. We both smile.

It’s about to get very interesting…

The Story is the Song



The phone never rang, but I took the call

Went and got a highway down from the wall

Climbed in my Limo…full of empty spaces

Sat in the dark…tried on a thousand different faces

My chauffeur appeared, he’s sometimes hard to see

Don’t follow my orders but he looks a lot like me

Turned around slow, looked me in the eye

Said I’ll take you somewhere where the rubber meets the sky

Driver, drive me away

Pour me a drink from the Milky Way

Somewhere, somehow there’s that place called Love

Label my direction…in search of

He fingered the wheel like he was holding a guitar

Said wherever you go son is not always where you are

Thought I heard laughter underneath the hood

He said it all runs on music

when the world’s looking good

So throw away the seat belts… roll those windows down

Tonight we’re going Zen, strip the circus from the clown

He drove high above the city lights

Then he took a perfect smile, tossed it out into the night

Driver, drive me away…

We ride the invisible highways, out past the Amnesia webs and the lost cities. Out where stars are born and squandered…and the Big Bands play big…and the nightlife goes on forever…and all around the Secrets whisper.   

Drive on… drive on…

We traveled in silence into deep space

Where spiritual detectives go looking for grace

And UFO boys and guys out on mission

Playing all night poker in a cosmic kitchen

Driver began to fade like a watercolor in the rain

And the planets sang like prisoners free of chains

I took off my final mask, dropped it with a sigh

You see…we’ve done a lot of crawling

but we were born to fly

Driver, drive me away…

©2024 Trakker