Grace Notes – Sept 12, East Stairwell, Twilight

It was like bread crumbs. Someone had left a trail of crumpled pieces of paper leading up the back stairwell between the 14th and 15th Floors.

I picked up the first one, read the finely scrawled handwriting. It seemed to be a love letter.

The next one was a confession of some unspecified crime.

The third letter rested on the landing – a suicide note. The writing thicker, more aggressive. I followed with apprehension.

The next few notes were cryptic – seemingly random words scattered across the white page.

The last note was pinned beside an open window, curtain billowing outward…the writing small and faint:

Thanks for paying attention and following my story. The ending?
Maybe you’ll read it in the morning light.

I stood beside that window – fading light, restless wind – for a long time before moving on.

The following day I checked with staff. No injury had been reported – no body ever found.

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