Trakker – one foot off the planet

Trakker is a musician/poet – part real, part illusion – who thrives on city streets and alternative universes. Always the outsider – dismayed with the small talk while the world goes up in flame; frustrated with the sleepwalkers who lip-sync their lives without question or outrage.

For a while he played the clubs in LA before vanishing from the scene.

Later he re-emerged as a character in a novel (THE KARMA FACTOR)* only to disappear again.

Recently he re-surfaced, this time with an album slung across his back – songs from the mythic dwelling place called Hotel Earth. In word and music he documents his journey through an infinity of rooms – falling in and out of grace, in and out of love… landing just long enough to get up and go another round.


*The Karma Factor has been optioned for a TV/Movie deal.

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