Every soul a Story. Every room a Song. Every fall a Wake-Up Call.

The Secret – September 5, Hotel Lobby, 2AM

Post midnight, just me and Stanley Cooper, Night Manager at the front desk in the deserted Lobby. Cigarette between two stained fingers, he paused to watch the smoke dart and weave upwards then waved me over to join him. “I’ll tell you a secret,” he said leaning in, “and you’re gonna think I’m doing the […]

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Strange Fruit – Aug 20, servants’ quarters, evening

There are things I don’t need to remember… and things I must never forget. The latter took me down many flights of back stairs to the servants’ quarters – to sit outside a door with no number… to listen with my heart … and be reminded.    Her name is Emma Masterson, a gray-haired woman of color […]

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