Every soul a Story. Every room a Song. Every fall a Wake-Up Call.

Thanksgiving – Nov. 23

Thanksgiving Day…we gather around a small table at the back of the kitchen. The cast of characters includes Sammy (of Mountains & Lullabies), The Ballerina in Room 1211, Night Manager Stanley Cooper and the others who had found their way onto the pages of my diary. There is an empty chair beside me, should you […]

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If Ashes Could Talk – Oct 8

Half asleep, in the dead of night…I’m suddenly aware that someone is in my room. A moment later, fingers tap my shoulder…and my eyes fly open. Stanley Cooper, the Night Manager, is standing by my bed looking down at me, eyes full of gleam. “Let’s go cowboy…got a little job for you.” I was about to […]

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The Ballerina in Rm 1211 – Sept 21

It’s been said…on the journey from stranger to friend to lover, trust is always the gatekeeper. So it was with us. The first encounter was challenged; the front door didn’t open easily…or very wide. And you took your time… frisking me with your eyes, then your heart…before you smiled and let me in. Once inside, […]

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Mountains & Lullabies – October 4, Lounge, Rm 788

It all started with a note on the Hotel Bulletin Board:   “Child missing – female, 15 year-old, brown hair, 10 digit number tattooed on inside of left arm. Any information, please contact Joan Parnelli, Rm 788.”  I read it again. Below these words I could feel the storyline pulling at me – bittersweet and strangely […]

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Two Flights Up – Sept 26, late night, near the roof

I’m out on the fire-escape with my guitar; back against the wall, night spread out against the sky…the silent roar of eternity all around. Tonight, the moon is huge and luminous, full of poetry. But the day has been difficult and followed me up the stairs. I feel complicated and distant…not the right space to […]

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The Abduction – September 19, the Catacombs below

Two weeks ago, a truly wealthy, notorious bully named Wayne Shilling was abducted in the hallway outside his Penthouse Suite. Precisely one week later, he was returned (gently used) – same time, same spot. The billionaire had immediately gone to his room and locked himself in. A few days later he emerged, game face crushed […]

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Grace Notes – Sept 12, East Stairwell, Twilight

It was like bread crumbs. Someone had left a trail of crumpled pieces of paper leading up the back stairwell between the 14th and 15th Floors. I picked up the first one, read the finely scrawled handwriting. It seemed to be a love letter. The next one was a confession of some unspecified crime. The […]

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The Secret – September 5, Hotel Lobby, 2AM

Post midnight, just me and Stanley Cooper, Night Manager at the front desk in the deserted Lobby. Cigarette between two stained fingers, he paused to watch the smoke dart and weave upwards then waved me over to join him. “I’ll tell you a secret,” he said leaning in, “and you’re gonna think I’m doing the […]

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Strange Fruit – Aug 20, servants’ quarters, evening

There are things I don’t need to remember… and things I must never forget. The latter took me down many flights of back stairs to the servants’ quarters – to sit outside a door with no number… to listen with my heart … and be reminded.    Her name is Emma Masterson, a gray-haired woman of color […]

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