Every soul a Story. Every room a Song. Every fall a Wake-Up Call.

Limo – Aug 18

LIMO Beneath the stained wood and polished glass, there is a current of magic that runs through the Hotel. Tonight I find myself in an elevator rising up beyond the rooftop…up to a landing strip overlooking the cityscape…a place where rumors collect and imagination runs like watercolors. Out along the runways, beneath a panoply of […]

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Dangerous Heart – July 19

In a tangle of sheets, she leans back on one hand, dark hair in disarray around her shoulders. Following an amazing night – fierce and selfless – the morning after is suddenly upon us…and a different kind of nakedness sets in. She watches me watching her – eyes slightly shuttered, chin tilting forward…navigating the distance […]

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Mountains & Lullabies – May 23

I find myself walking in December hills…a dirt road winding between barren trees…light snow falling. Winter is the honest season, distilled down to essential black and white. For me, it’s a dreamscape awash with ghosts and memories. Up ahead, I see a rusted motorcycle, lying on its side beside the road…triggering thoughts of you…my oldest […]

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The Hotel – April 19

It’s been said that a poet’s job is to listen to the small talk of infinity. If so, tonight the language is harsh and troubled. Sheets of rain lash against a million windows. Bells clang in the distance. Rising up on every side, a wandering storm settles around the Hotel for a long night’s siege. […]

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Tiger – March 27

If I wear a mask long enough, my face slowly conforms, giving up its independence. It feels safer that way. So I stay with it – and a piece of me goes missing.  If I live in a culture long enough, I begin to wear its premise..,fit into its contours, defend its Lies. It simplifies […]

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The Children’s Crusade – March 3

In Parkland… the dead did not lie down, Did not let the bullet holes Be cauterized by denial Or the passage of time, This time the wound stays open Lit by troubled light,  The moment grips – raw, unprocessed Held in place by children’s outrage…  Forfeiting their youth to become Flash-points for change, Demanding courage…demanding […]

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Trakker (next layer) – The Rabbit Whole, Jan 31

Ask Alice, she’ll tell you…the White Rabbit moves in mysterious ways – comes when least expected, takes sharp turns, leads you into realms outside your own boundaries. Last night, he came calling. Dream? Reality? I may never know. All I remember was standing in the hallway in front of an old disabled elevator I had […]

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A Dream For 2018 – Jan 1

It is a time of fever pitch, A time when the very stitch-work appears unraveling And signs of the Catastrophic are etched Upon the face of the deep, I would build an Ark within my heart Big enough to house the dream of life, Strong enough to chart the seas of consciousness Until our moment […]

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Keeping the Channel Open – Dec. 14

It’s a pre-Christmas day – cold, mottled sunlight, a few snow flurries. I’m with my guitar, looking out the window…a new song beginning to surface. The melody is haunting and comes quickly. The lyrics start, stop, start… stop – ensnarled in a mesh of critical thoughts, judgements and disappointments. The song slips back into the […]

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